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December 21, 2010


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I love you, sweetie! Thinking of you always!


Hey Jeff, Merry Christmas! Give the guys a hug for me and THANK YOU FOR KEEPING ME FREE IN THE US OF A!

Love Robin and David


Hey Nephew,
Sending love and lifting prayers for you and the many service members who keep us safe. Love you - stay safe!
Aunt Lynne & crew :-)

Angela Johnson

Hi son in law. Bob and I miss you very much. We wish you could be here for Christmas. But you are doing something very good over there. The sooner they have trained police the sooner our men can come home for good. Be safe and know you are loved very much! Angela xo


Hi my son, it's good to see daily pictures or almost daily pictures of you and to see you are ok. Love the glasses!! Saw Britt and Lori Sunday, it was so good to see them. I miss you and am getting a box together for you, hope you like it! I Love you always. Ma.

Lori kees

Hello my most amazing son in law. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. More goodies on the way!!! My next box will be to all you and the guys you work with. Love from all!!

Kathleen Cobb

Know why the sky is blue? BECAUSE GOD LOVES THE INFANTRY! Thanks for serving for us Jeffrey. My soldier will be in the Province in April...Keep your head down and your boots on the ground and come home. God Bless You and Protect you, Kathleen Cobb

Ginny & Bill Johnson

Merry Christmas, Jeff. You are in our hearts and prayers always. I will soon have two soldiers there but I know God will take take of all of you and bring you back home. Bill and I love you as much as we love Britt. Take care and GOD BLESS!!!

Nana & Papa J.

carmen bewick

My loml! I'm a proud sister. You make me so happy I miss ya. Merry christmas jeff. I know the dessert is hot but next year it'll be my turn. And you'll be home eating and cheers'n love you lomlicious.

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